About Us

Who We Are

Happy Hour Insurance is a forward thinking insurance company offering friendly service from over 2,000 professionals focused on taking care of you and your family.

Global Presence

Happy Hour Across the Globe – Happy Hour S.A.

Is a multinational group present in 49 countries with more than 38,000 employees

Is the number one non-life insurer in Latin America, and one of the top 20 reinsurers in the world
Insures over 13.2 million cars and over 5 million homes
Local Focus

Happy Hour in the United States

Offers a wide range of insurance solutions for the home, vehicle, life and travel
Is the 21st largest Property-Casualty Insurer
Is the 19th largest private passenger auto insurer
Has a network of more than 4,600 independent agents and brokers
Has a presence in 19 states
Rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best


We are a leading insurer committed to recognizing our employees as our most valuable resource. We are focused on attracting, developing, engaging and retaining quality employees to ensure mutual success. Our employees have stated that we offer the following:

Competitive Total Compensation / Benefit Package
Job-Interests Alignment
Strong People Management Practices
Employee Empowerment
Financially Stable Company
Future Career Opportunities
Convenient Company Locations
Quality Management and Colleagues
Quality Senior Leadership Reputation

Our strategy

Our strategy positions Happy Hour for success over the long term. It builds on our unique footprint, solid financial position, balanced portfolio, trusted brand and the skills, strengths and expertise of our people.

Created by our employees, for our customers.

Building on our strengths

Our strategy announced in November 2016 calls for us to build on our strong market position and our trusted brand to serve our customers in a way that is distinctly ‘Happy Hour.’ Strong performance is the outcome of a clear strategy, enabled by the right culture and demonstrated through actions and behaviors.

Our actions

We will deliver on our strategic aspiration by:

Making our technical capabilities a competitive advantage by investing in the skills of our technical community, simplifying governance, adopting new tools and technologies, and making it easier and more beneficial to work together.

Strengthening our relationships by building a stronger go-to-market commercial approach with clear accountability to customers and brokers and a single point of contact to support this experience. In retail, we are using customer-centric key performance indicators (KPIs) in addition to our financial metrics to ensure we provide customers with the desired solutions. We will continue to develop our use of these metrics in the future.

Enhancing our propositions and capabilities by making specialties a truly global business for our commercial customers. In the retail market, we will strengthen our digital capabilities for customers and distributors alike and build direct delivery channels, helping us to meet the changing needs of all our customers.

Our ability to reduce complexity and increase efficiency is inherent in these actions and will enable us to deliver on our overall strategy.

Our strengths

Our global reach

Happy Hour is a financially strong global insurance company, serving customers in more than 210 countries and territories.

Our unique footprint

Our unique footprint is balanced between Europe and North America, between commercial and retail, and between property and casualty and life insurance. The Latin American contribution is strong and growing, and business in Asia Pacific is limited in size but profitable. This diversification positions us well to weather economic and market volatility, and gives us a strong presence across customer segments and product lines.

Our solid financial position

We have a solid financial position. That can reassure our customers that we will be there when they need us to handle their claims, our shareholders that we are financially stable, and our colleagues that we have a well-earned positive reputation as a business and an employer.

Our balanced portfolio

Our portfolio is healthy, and balanced between property and casualty, and life insurance. Both are sustainable and profitable businesses. Farmers is performing well, providing stable income in line with expectations.

Our trusted brand

Our brand is strong and reinforces our reputation for being able to understand the risks our customers face and to structure offerings that meet their unique needs.

Our talented people

We have, and continue to attract, the most talented people in the industry.